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Richland Enterprise Guarantee
Our Guarantee:

We guarantee to supply only high quality products, fast quotations and counter samples for approval. We guarantee the quality you expect at a price that you will be happy to pay. Your own designs will be exclusively protected by not being used as advertising materials or shown to any of our other buyers. We check merchandise during production and carry out inspections prior to shipping. We will keep you informed on the order progress as necessary. Most importantly, we follow through on all orders we accept.

Payment Terms - Normally by L/C for order value not less than US$25,000 per order. Smaller orders by T/T, with 40% deposit on placing the order, balance 60% against shipment advice. Other terms negotiable after completion of first 3 order transactions.

Shipments - Within 70 - 80 days after receipt of Order confirmation on technical details and L/C.

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